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Motherhood, the bright land,
I won’t be a fallen tree.
My roots in you are deeper and deeper everyday
My roots of joy, sadness, pride and anger.

Wisława Szymborska

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Stettin is a unique city, with a unique history and due to its architecture layout it is often compared to Paris. It is a city of famous festivals and outdoor events, including Dni Morza [Days of the Sea], Spoiwa Kultury [Links of the Culture], Festiwal Sztucznych Ogni [Fireworks Festival], Music Fest or Baltic Tall Ships Races.

Not only does the city of Stettin feature the buildings. Above all, it features the nature. It is a city of the active persons, because its location makes it perfectly suitable for sports. Stettin features numerous parks and forests, located between the Bukowa, Wkrzańska and Goleniowska forests. Within the city limits, the Odra river divides the Stettin territory into Western and Eastern parts, creating the beautiful Śródodrze (Mid-Oder) area, with numerous canals and tributaries.

All of that creates a city that never bores.

Discover Stettin together with us!

Attractions around:

Galaxy Shopping Mall (Multikino Multiplex, Bowling) 500 m

Baltica Wellness & SPA 600 m

Pleciuga Doll Theater 600 m

Floating Arena (Olympic Swimming Pool) 750 m

Kasprowicz Park and Stettin Amphitheatre – 1 km

Jasne Błonia 1,3 km

King Chrobry’s Embankment 1,5 km

Stettin Philharmonic 1,5 km

Castle of the Pom 1,6 km

Rose Garden 2.5 km

AZOTY Arena Sports/Performance Hall – 5,5 km

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